Mary Ann Tobin

Mary Ann was born in Meade County, and has lived in Kentucky her entire life. Her passions include working with animals, meeting new people and traveling. She has served in public office several times throughout her life and advocates for Kentucky in all she does.

Early Life

Mary Ann Tobin was born in Meade County and raised on a farm where she helped her family raise animals and take care of the land. This upbringing has led to her hard-working attitude and perserverence.


Born and raised in KY

Owns a farm in Meade County

Loves working with animals



She graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting.  While at UK, she was named the first Ms. Keeneland in 1963. She was also a member of Chi Omega sorority and Beta Alpha Psi honor society.


UK Alumni

Graduated with Honors

Bachelor of Science Degree Holder


Political Career

In 1975 she was elected to be a member of the Kentucky State House of Representatives.  In 1983 she decided to campaign to be the Kentucky Auditor of Public Accounts where she started a hotline to report fraud and established the Economy and Efficiency Audit Division as a way to try to stop waste in government.


Served in Congress

Elected Auditor of Public Accounts

Won Democratic Primary for Senate

A vote for Mary Ann Tobin is a vote for a true Kentuckian.


While there are numerous issues that face our state, Mary Ann believes in these causes most of all.


Unite both sides behind common issues. Rallying all Kentuckians behind issues we can all agree on will create a path to make the changes that need to be made for the good of our state. We all want a better Kentucky, how we get there will depend on how well we can work together.


Bring back the power of state government. For too long politicians who have never been to Kentucky have decided what we have to endure. Mary Ann Tobin is committed to advocating for a more independent and unified Kentucky, by the people, for the people.


Keep Kentucky beautiful. With all the changes going on in big government, we often forget rural counties that make Kentucky what it is to all of us. By voting to protect wildlife, help farmers and agriculture, and educate our youth we can show others what is that makes our state so great.

The Deadline to Register to Vote is April 20th!