To All My Dear Kentucky Friends

You all know I will tell you the TRUTH, period. I did it last year on election day and we elected Governor Beshear, and he has worked constantly to keep Kentucky in the best position possible in fighting this terrible virus. If he had not, Kentucky would be in the position of all the states who have governors in line with the Trump administration, and you all who voted for Governor Beshear last November are the people who, along with Governor Beshear, have saved lives and kept this disease rate lower in Kentucky.

If you all want me to stay in the race and be able to beat Rich Mitch, then please put your mask on, stay six feet away if there is a line, and vote for me, and I will beat Mitch McConnell with your help. If you have not yet voted or sent in an absentee ballot, or if you have voted for anyone else, tell them you want your vote to be counted at the polls because you don’t know if your absentee ballot will be counted or not. You can tell them you did not think you would be able to vote in person but since you can, you want to come in with a mask and vote today, and go prepared to stand in line safely, and go vote personally.

If you have not voted at all, then quickly go now with all your safety procedures and vote for Mary Ann Tobin for US Senate to assure that we’ll beat Mitch McConnell in November!

Thank you!